Saturday, April 21, 2007

What Place is More Dangerous than the Anbar Province?

The answer: a mother's womb.

The death toll of American soldiers KIA's in Iraq is around 3400 over the last fours years. Yesterday, in one day, at least 3500 innocent unborn children were massacred. If we include the entire nation of Iraq over four years, is 80,000 killed too conservative? Let's say that unfortunately 100,000, no 200,000 Iraqi civilians died due to the War in Iraq in the past four years. God rest their precious souls. In the past four years in America, in comparison, there were 5.6 million to 6 million precious human beings aborted from their mother's womb.

I give these stats to you to give you all some perspective as to the overwhelmingly heinous and evil practice of abortion that is still being protected in America under the black skirts of our justice system. The abortion mills in this country alone have created a human death toll unequaled in all of human history. I'm not mentioning all the women who were made sterile, who died, and the many who have been emotionally scarred. The untold suffering is mind-numbing of those babies who actually lived through botched abortions, only to die later in some cadaver filled trash receptical.

I want you all to look at this courageous young woman in this article who survived a botched abortion and lived to tell her story to Congress. Consider also, the tremendous gifts she brings to humanity that would have been lost had the abortionist succeeded.

I know that this week the SCOTUS upheld the partial-birth abortion ban, which is great news. But, let not this dull your vigilance, for evil is very clever. One could rename and alter the procedure and accomplish the same objective. Instead of popping the champaign and celebrating, let's weigh what still needs to be done. I say, let's get prayerful, get vocal, get active, and get going!

Sadly, in the fifteen minutes it took for me to research and put this article together, 36 babies have been slaughtered--which is more than the number of VT students that were killed from 7AM to 10:30AM on Monday, April 16, 2007. God have mercy on us all.


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