Monday, July 30, 2007


It seems that the main stream media cannot keep their fingers in the dike anymore. The pressure of the good news in Iraq is leaking all over the place. With the NYTimes op-ed with O'Hanlon and Pollack, and Chris Matthews and his panel on MSNBC admitting the necessity of being in Iraq? Are you kidding me? David Ignatius said that Iraq is one of many fronts that we need to fight the war on terror. Go to MSNBC and check it out for yourselves. I'm too buzy right now to search it out. You all can do that.

And then, today, Prime Minister Brown lauding the United States in our efforts against global terrorism, stating that the world owes us a debt of gratitude? I'm pinching myself.

Man, if the good news is leaking this much, there must be a HUGE BACKLOG OF GOOD NEWS!!!

Ah, this is good...this is really good! Now, let's watch the Democrats who have been investing in defeat in Iraq spin this out!


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