Monday, May 30, 2005

Cementary: A Place To Clear Your Head

I went with my family to the local cementary in our city, where there is a sizeable section devoted to veterans. My wife, my son and I just walked past the markers, admiring them, looking at their ages, discovering what war they fought in, saying thank you to them and drinking in the prevailing silence.

I am usually deeply moved in a cementary. It's a great place to clear my mind. It gives me a sufficient witness that I am mortal; that all of us are mortal and that life is precious. What am I to accomplish? How am I to live? How will I know what that is? Max Lucado says that all major decisions in our life should be made in a cementary. Not bad advice.

So, I number my days so I may apply it to wisdom. If I live to age 70, I have 8,395 breakfasts with my wife left.

Have a great Memorial Day, folks. And hey, visit a'll sense a difference.


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