Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Gitmo Cuisine: A Recipe for Torture?

For any of you who were seriously affected by Senator Durbin's remarks about the actions of our soldiers at Guantanimo as like the Nazis, Pol-Pot, etc., need to read this Washington Times article. It shows just what kind of Nazi death camp cuisine we offer to our enemies.

Gitmo's Gourmet Fare

Orange-glazed Chicken anyone? Or would you prefer Mustard and Dill Baked Fish? Yes, here at the modern "gulag" of our times, we really treat these "detainees" like dogs. Come to think of it, my dog doesn't eat this way. As a matter of fact, I don't eat this way. If I ate the way these modern killers eat, I'd blimp out to 350 lbs.

So, how about we actually look at Gitmo as see just what Amnesty International saw that gave them the awful impression of that place. Apparently, they failed to tour the "hellish" environment of the kitchen. Seems like the particulars for Amnesty's conclusion don't match. Could there have been some fallacies involved like slanting of the facts, or hasty conclusion? Or how about ZERO EVIDENCE?


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