Friday, June 24, 2005

When a Journalist Gets It Right, Look Out!

Forceful Reason

When Oriana Fallaci, an Italian journalist, speaks her mind, people listen, and many hate her for it. She doesn't care. This courageous women speaks clearly what is taking place in Europe, and in America.

Read the above article and tell me if you see what is happening in Europe, also happening in America as well.

On a related note: It would seem Liberals who typically lambast prominent Christian leaders as "dominionists" are strangely silent to Muslim clerics who seek the destruction of the West and want to install Islam as the only religion, and Shariah as the legal framework of society. Dominionists indeed!


At 4:00 PM, Anonymous Friend of Underground Logician's said...

The Dangers of Islam

We now turn to a deadly serious subject. Note that this title is "The Dangers of Islam". I am not saying the entire faith is dangerous. I am merely discussing the dangers.

Let me add that not all Muslims are bloodthirsty, and many are peaceful... if they don't practice their faith fully. But if you read the Koran, you will realize that the Islamic Fundamentalists are truly following their faith to the letter.

I do not hate Muslims, and I have some friends who are what I would term "Muslim Lite".

I went to a seminar on Islam in 1990, before any American knew anything whatsoever about the faith. The seminar was taught by a professor who specialized in Islamic studies, and it was held secretly because he was terrified of what they might do to him if it was discovered. Paranoid? No, practical.

And I learned a great deal, much of it is horrifying. I have since then seen everything (which he spoke of) upheld.

Repeatedly, in every country that the Shaira law has been imposed, it begins with Muslims crying 'discrimination' and 'oppression'.

They begin to win rights to impose their faith on others (such as the loud calling to prayers throughout the day so that it is imposed on everyone in the town). This has already happened in a city here in America.

Their faith gradually comes to be seen as innocuous ("Oh sure," they say, "there are extremists, but most of us aren't"...)

They begin to hold offices in government. When they finally hold a majority in government, they strike, and impose Shaira law.

When their takeover of Algeria occurred in the early 1990s, it never even made the U.S. press. Those of us in the know watched in horror as they overtook a civilized people and reduced them to rubble.

Women who were professionals such as doctors or lawyers were forbidden to continue their jobs. They had to don the veil and gown and retire to their homes. Those that defied the new government were raped or severely beaten and mutilated, or the men in their family were killed.

Shortly after the takeover, two young women not wearing the attire were walking down a deserted road when a bus of army soldiers came by. The soldiers (an entire bus of them) took turns raping these two teenagers as a way to teach them a lesson.

Women who had grown up in a civilized country suddenly found themselves thrust into a nightmare where there was no escape. There were reports of women who went insane, and were found sitting in the middle of the road, vacant-eyed, beating their heads repeatedly on the ground.

Islam is a bigger threat that we are told, because it is not politically correct to admit it.

I found a group recently, and they seem to be trying to report the truth of it:

At 4:13 PM, Blogger Underground Logician said...

Thanks for the comment, friend!

At 5:27 PM, Anonymous Friend of Underground Logician's said...

You're welcome. I'm surprised more people aren't posting about this! By the way, you can remove all the 'comment deleted' parts by clicking on the trashcan under each one.

At 5:34 PM, Anonymous Friend of Underground Logician's said...

You will probably also appreciate this article put out by the C.S. Lewis society:

At 6:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't commented because I'm not exactly shocked, but not sure what to do/say about it.

At 7:20 PM, Blogger tshsmom said...

When it was said that they'll "take us from within", everyone thought they meant the Japanese. How wrong we were!

At 8:15 PM, Blogger Underground Logician said...


I hate to sound so depressed. I was talking with my wife this afternoon. I was trying to unload this fear that we might not have two generations left in this country unless something really drastic occurs in the mental and moral development of our children and grandchildren. The battle is more deadly than I thought. And the most deadly enemy? You named it! A fifth column...wouldn't you say?

I fear that what Lenin said about might come true, that they will conquer us without firing a shot. I really fear that if we are not careful, as a nation, we will lose the moral vision to see the danger, and the moral fiber to fight it. I apologize for being in a funk. Thanks very much for dropping by!

At 9:47 PM, Blogger tshsmom said...

The only way we can make our children more aware is through the study of history.
Most schools are negligent in the teaching of history and gov't.

At 6:28 AM, Anonymous Friend of Underground Logician's said...

Don't be so worried, Underground. At the risk of sounding like a pious jerk, it is very important to pray when you are feeling like that. Also, it helps me greatly to get outside and get a fresh breath of air, take a vigorous walk, do something physical, whatever it takes to work out some of the angst.

It is very sad to see the state our country is in. But we are the last nation that is clinging, even nominally, to the principals of christianity.

I don't think that George Bush is a Christian, and I don't think that he's representing us well. I miss Ronald Reagan. But, be that as it may, we are still a country that is superior to the others and as long as we remember that we'll be OK.

The only things that we can do are blog about the problems, write our congress and the papers, and maybe get as involved in politics as we can be.

Happily, there are still watchdogs out there in the press that keep barking warnings.

But the first thing we need to do is get a backbone, and the second thing we need to do is close our borders. They've said repeatedly in the press that the borders are porous and I'm here to tell you from personal experience that they are. Anyone, terrorist or Mexican illegal, can cross that border with ease.

At 7:03 AM, Blogger Underground Logician said...

Good comments. Thanks for the encourgagement!

At 11:25 AM, Blogger greatwhitebear said...

I am one of those people who have blasted the Dominionists. And I have no problem blasting fundamentalist Islam as well. In fact, anytime you put the word fundamentalist in front of the name of a religion, be it Christian, Muslim, Hindu, etc., you are almost guaranteed to be talking about a group of nut jobs who pose a clear and present danger to civilized society.

The difference between FDR and Reagan vs. Johnson, Nixon and Bush: FDR and Reagan were honest with the American people about their motives, and the costs involved. Which is why Americans admire their leadership. And which is why Americans don't admire the others. Of course, Nixon had other issues too!

The Bush administrations constant lying has even traditional conservatives fed up, as witnessed by Bill Kristol calling out Rummy Sunday for his lie about us not meeting with insurgent groups with blood on their hands. As Kristol correctly pointed out, one of the groups we have been meeting with is responsible for the dining hall bombing at the American base in Mosul last Christmas, which killed 22 American GIs.

It is hard to respect anyone who makes a habit of lying. Especially when he is president.

At 2:22 PM, Blogger Underground Logician said...

One instance of "lying" hardly entails a habit. And what you refer to is hardly lying. Not letting the people know the tactics you use is for the most part, very prudent.

I agree that meeting with these unsavory groups seems like selling out. I haven't read up on it, so I am open.

Yet your assertion that Bush has lied to the American people is repeating the media hype. Go to my post on Saturday June 25th and you'll find all sorts of quotes from Democrats who were more than convinced to go after Saddam, and it wasn't just the WMD's.

People have conveniently forgotten the discourse during the Clinton administration, what the world leaders said about Saddam and Iraq before the Iraq War. If you say Bush is lying, then the entire world is in on it, including leaders in the Clinton administration, including Clinton himself.

GWB, have you forgotten as well, or do you choose not to think about it?

At 10:46 PM, Blogger greatwhitebear said...

Okay, let's see if we can begin to count the lies.

1. he lied when he said he had no plans to invade Iraq. he clearly did.

2. he lied any number of times about the motives for going to war. In fact, we got lie a week for a couple of mos. As soon as one lie was shown to be untrue, they came up with a new one.

3. He lied when he told us he didn't desire war, when, according to the general who directed the air war, we were illegally dropping over ten tons of bombs a month on Iraq in the 8 mos. leading up to the war in hope of provoking a hostile reaction from Saddam.

4. he has repeatedly lied about the use of napalm both during the invasion and in Falujah. This inspite the fact the evidence, both photographic and forensic, is overwhelming. And the army has admitted to using napalm filled shells. The man lies even when someone else has already admitted to the truth. It's pathological.

5. He has consistantly lied about the ties between Saddam and 9/11.

6. His administration has so consitantly lied about our "winning" the war, he is going to find himself in the same boat as Nixon. The Johnson and Nixon administrations lied so often and consistantly to the people about our winning in Viet Nam, when we acually did start to win, nobody, including most of the members of Nixon's cabinet, believed it. So after 10 years of hangin tough while losing, we were forced to pull out when we were clearly starting to win.

And if you don't believe we are losing the war, check out my blog from yesterday.

Okay, those are the ones that come to the top of my head on less than four hours sleep and more than a few Leinies. Wanna give me a day or two to research?

At 11:25 PM, Blogger Underground Logician said...

I see that you think about it a lot. Your explanations are not proofs. I've been to your blogsite; I know what you think of the man. You echo the allegations made by the media. You think it has merit. But, you are not addressing the numerous quotes of democrats who wanted at Saddam as well.

You have bought the rhetoric but have forgotten what millions have forgotten; this was not just Bush's idea. It was the idea of Clinton and Co. too.

At 11:14 AM, Blogger greatwhitebear said...

yes, Clinton got the same bad intelligence and believed that saddam had weapons of mass destruction.

But what Clinton did not do is deliberately mislead the people about his motives, or about the evidence supporting his decisions.

And yes, there are plenty of politicians in both political parties who would rather say and do what is expedient to their reelection rather than what is good for the country. Most of these people are cowards who are fearful of presidential political power. Some are just political opportunists. Some are just guys who have grown too old for the job and developed feet of clay.

But the issue here is not what some dems or repubs thought about Saddam and his activities. Nor is it what other world leaders believed The issue is about deliberately lying to Congress and the American people. Even if Bush was right about the need to invade iraq, it was and is his duty to be honest with Congress and the people. And the overwhelming evidence is that he has failed spectacularly in this,

Robert Steinback, in the conseravative Ft. Wayne News-Sentinal, put it succinctly:
" Do you want to know? That's the only popular division that matters in the United States today: Those who want to determine once and for all if President Bush knowingly "fixed the facts'' regarding Iraq, thereby misleading Congress and the American people into supporting an unnecessary war, and those who will cover their ears and hum loudly in order to maintain their belief that Bush and his advisors remain above reproach."

Humming loudly is not much different than burying ones head in the sand. Avoid ostrich behavior!

At 11:17 AM, Blogger greatwhitebear said...

Oh, and incidentally, I believe i have collected enough data to state conclusively that BBQing DOES NOT cause tornados (drought still going strong here}

At 11:56 AM, Blogger Underground Logician said...

Just because many repeat the same thing over and over again hardly makes the same info. credible. In addition, are you telling me that Pres. Clinton did not know he was being misled, along with many other of his cabinet, and Democrat leaders in Congress, plus leaders at the U.N., plus leaders in the free world? That sounds phenominally naive on their part!

As to our going into Iraq, there was a 23 clause resolution to use force voted by both houses of Congress, which spell out the reasons for going into Iraq. Within the 23 clauses, WMD's are mentioned twice; with 21 other reasons spelling out the purposes for going to war in Iraq. Did people forget this? Looks like it.

Yet, these allegations you echo put Bush in a very sinister light indeed. Bush knew the REAL intelligence and let the disinformation continue? He's a pretty bright bulb to be able to pull this huge conspiracy off. And to think, for someone who's been tabbed an idiot, who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground, who can't even pronounce "nuclear," maybe his years at Yale really did pay off.

GWB, I may be a bumbling logician, but I'm not naive! Besides, not putting stock in the groundless rhetoric is hardly ostrich behavior...perhaps it's more like giraffe behavior.

To you topic of tornados, grilling is not a cause, but extra-terrestrials have not been ruled out! This is still an X-file case, so be aware of dark blue Lincolns driven by well dressed people wearing dark sunglasses slowly passing your domicile.

At 12:59 PM, Blogger greatwhitebear said...

There is a difference between groundless rhetoric and hard physical evidence. To ignore the latter, or pretend the latter is something else, is the equivilent of ear covering and humming.

With half the Blair administration leaking documents almost daily in an attempt to cover their asses when the big fall comes, it's getting hard to keep up with the latest. But the one leaked yesterday which confirmed what air force general said saturday (that US and Brtain were illegally bombing Iraq 8 mos before the war) is particularly damning.

As for x files... I live in the shadow of the world's most preeminent Catholic university. If I have to watch out for dark blue Lincolns, I'll be paranoid indeed (although Regis usually gets chauffered around in a white one)! Dark blue Lincoln is the car of choice for the celebrety priests (Hessburg, Malloy, Joyce), and the VIP alumni.

At 1:55 PM, Blogger Underground Logician said...

How is it damning? Is it true? And, if it is true, does it mean then that all the allegations against this president is true? Does it mean that all our actions in Iraq are a violation and we get out of Iraq now? Do we impeach President Bush now?

This is grasping at straws.

Oh, I wasn't aware that Notre Dame is still Catholic. Is it?


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