Friday, May 12, 2006

The Liberal Way of Combatting Terror

I know this NSA "scandal" has about 34% of Americans reeling in fear for their civil liberties. I think it's time for the ever knowledgable left to clue us in as to how THEY would do this "war against terror" thing. Tell you what, we'll look at how the left has "helped" in this deadly war and how some now enlightened Rupublicans feel we should do it. I'll let the rest of you fill in as you see fit. I, as host of this blog, will take the liberty to challenge what you put in.

1. When your party is in power, it's okay to say how bad our enemy is while Commander-in-Chief gets much needed sexual release for the sake of National Security. When the opposition party is in power, make sure you make more noise about the lying, corruption, innanities and lack of any plan the current administration has than the despicable nature of our enemy.

2. Make sure you don't keep ANY espionage efforts secret. Hold press conferences to let the American people know just exactly how you intend to catch the terrorists. Offer blue prints, show who and what you will be looking for. Be specific. Thus, the American people will be assured of their civil liberties along with the civil liberties of the terrorists.

3. When leaders of hostile countries tells America to repent, we should. The liberal president should lead us all in a national day of Islamic prayer, and to show good faith, make measures to have Islam be our national religion. Christian prayer doesn't count. A'llah alone is God.

4. When you have to fight a war against a hostile country, make sure you have a plan for zero casualties, and it must take 24 hours to complete. If it can't be done, then scrap the plan.

5. The person to fit the job as President of the United States needs to have the ability to control the American economy, control weather, remove all barriers to immigration and embrace our foreign maids and pool cleaners with open arms. We don't like doing the work they do for us anyway; make everyone in the world like us again, and completely dismantle our nuclear and WMD arsenal as good faith to our enemies that we mean business about peace.

6. Make sure you get 100% approval from all the countries in the world, including China, North Korea and countries involved in graft and corruption with the hostile country in question. It also bodes well if the hostile country approves the use of force too.

7. If you take any prisoners in the conflict, make sure they stay at a Sheriton or Hyatt Regency Hotel. Give them clear access to CNN and MSNBC to voice their displeasure towards their 'incarceration.'

8. If, heaven forbid, any casualties occur, blame America first.

9. Since Liberals believe America started the War on Terror, allow for a regime change here in America by nominating a Mullah and suggesting we allow him dictatorial powers. Sorry, women cannot be Mullahs. In Islam, women are male sex toys.

10. Other suggestions?


At 4:37 PM, Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Apparently only 29% of Americans agree with this.

Bush is almost in a popularity tie with Jimmy Carter. (Carter's approval was 28%.)

While Clinton was being impeached, he polled a 60%+ approval with the American people.

In other news, CNN conducted a poll, and Americans responded by saying they trust Bill Clinton more than George Bush. Also, their lives were better when Clinton was president.

The Big Dog's revenge!

At 11:11 PM, Blogger Underground Logician said...



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