Saturday, April 21, 2007

The TRUE cause of the Violence in Iraq

A must see post by Mohammed at Iraq the Model today. In it you'll see an Iraqi man completely frustrated with the media coverage of the war. He sees this conflict from a perspective you and I will never get. Can we let his words sink in?

Instead of telling us to stop fighting back, I'd like to see some people stand up and protest the crimes of the terrorists and tell them to stop the killing and destruction…turn the stop-the-war campaign against the terrorists, is that too much to ask for?Tell the criminals to stop killing us and stop attacking the people who are risking their lives fighting for liberty and equality.We're asking the media and the stop-the-war crowd to carry arms and shoot the terrorists; we just want them to stop shooting at us. -- Mohammed at Iraq the Model

There are many here, Mohammed, who are with you one hundred percent who far outnumber the cowards who are counting the body bags.


At 7:14 AM, Blogger United We Lay said...

You do know that the US army has been putting out blogsin favor of the war in order to convince people like you that things are going well there, right?

At 11:36 AM, Anonymous undergroundlogician said...


Unless you have been there and have been completely objective in your observations and can come back here and state confidently, knowing your findings can be verified, it doesn't matter what you say. You are committing the fallacy of "Poisoning the Well." Sorry, fallacies don't cut it here. You'll need more than what you offer to make a sound statement.

This isn't to slam you, but you do not have the objectivity to make statements worth considering. You have a volatile opinion against Bush. You want him impeached. You have despised his election, and you have found fault with everything concerning him, his administration, and the military under his supervision. Rules of induction would have to rule out what you say because of the way you slant things.

Unless you can prove that "Iraq the Model" is a secret government blog meant to hoodwink gullible "people like me," you're done.


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