Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Revisionist History 101: Similarities of Early American and Iraqi Insurgencies?

Chris Matthews Interviews Former President and "Historian" Jimmy Carter

You want to read a twisted view of American history in lieu of the Iraq War? Click the link above and read this "Hardball" interview. Matthews should have renamed his show for this particular segment: "Marshmallows, with Chris Matthews."

Let's be serious. This is a excellent example of a false comparison. There is ABSOLUTELY no comparison between the two conflicts: they are completely different. And yet, President Carter forces a comparison between them. Could this be so that the reader may sympathize with the Iraqii insurgents? Does this really serve to help us understand the Iraqi insurgency when done in light of our own struggle for independence?

I contend that it obfuscates the fact that the Iraqi insurgents consist mainly of terrorists who do not want democratic reforms that millions of Iraqiis want. It also obfuscates the fact that the U.S. military has eliminated a ruthless oppressor of the Iraqi people, and insinuates that the United States and "King George" have become the democratic oppressors. It also may insinuate an even darker but hidden assertion, that our revolutionary heroes were quite similar to the Iraqi insurgents; "Who are we, then, to condemn these insurgents when we did the same thing against England?" Could this be the residue of Michael Moore's thinking after Michael sat with the former president at the Democratic convention? For an excellent op-ed, read Michael Barone of U.S. News and World Report:

The Company They Keep

Your book is a bogus revisionism and unscholarly approach to history, Mr. President. I'm sure you'll make a ton of money selling to pro-revisionist history buffs. I'll pass.


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