Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No. 1 Reason Why Obama Cannot be Elected President

Ask Gianna Jessen where she would be should the Obama position of infanticide have been in place at the time of her birth? Read this article to learn of the circumstances. It was providential that an abortionist was not present. Obama has promised to sign into law the Freedom of Choice Act that would nullify every anti-abortion law in the land, including parental consent laws, and allow the killing of children born who survive an abortion procedure. This man is a monster... a devil with a suit and tie, who will make the womb the most dangerous place on earth.

Which leads me to ask, "Why has such a man gained such popularity?" I see two things. One, he is a skilled sophisticate. He could be the product of the school of Protagoras and have stepped into our time. He knows how to manipulate people with insubstantial statements. Second is an idiotic populace who cannot see the perils of such a man, which protects a moral relativism in order to pursue pleasure, and cares little of the hard thinking required of knowing metaphysical realities, like that posed in the question, "What is a fetus?"

Since the populace in general is too far gone to notice the problem of an Obama presidency, I now appeal to you evangelicals and Catholics who are supporting this man. You are the swing voters he is counting on. If there is any hope, you need to regain a Christian conscience. Please, stop currying favor from liberals just because you're tired of the fight. Get a spine...grow some brass ones...for the sake of Christ, stand up to this sub-human!


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