Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Impeachment Agenda of Democrats

Wisconsin's own Senator Russ Feingold has tipped the Democrats hand as to what they will do if they gain power in the House or Senate in this fall's election. For more on this, read the WSJ editorial:

The Impeachment Agenda

Don't think the Democrats are through with the impeachment topic. The past five years of allegations piled on allegations will come to the fore if the Democrats win the majority. Their "Bush Deranged Syndrome" is an overwhelming mental disorder that is sure to surface again and again. With each BDS event, the symptoms become more acute.

So Mr. Feingold has done us all a favor to the chagrin of fellow Democrats. What can you expect from those who have a mental disorder? A reasonable course of action? He shows us what the Democratic intentions are. I say, let's bring on the debate now. Let's flush 'em out; put them on record and show the American people what life is like in the "BDS zone."


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