Sunday, September 25, 2005

Good News: Global Warming is Good for Us!

Newsmax: Global Warming Means Less Hurricanes

Yes, my friends, another reason to promote the use of fossil fuels. And, these facts, backed by the National Hurricane Center, is still another reason to help out by taking a drive tonight for an ice cream with your sweetie! And go ahead, light up your tires like you used to do when you were young and frivolous! It will be for a good cause!

Look at the facts...make up your own mind; not someone else's. Give their mind back to them and use your own!

Idiocy on Parade...Again.

Michelle Malkin's Pics of the "Huge" War Protest

Just thought I'd let you see some of the scene's of some really strange people who think they are part of the mainstream. These enlightened minority who "take a stand" against the "fascist" policies of President Bush have a few "enlightened" or should I say endarkened policies of their own. Some placard's read:

"F--k the War!"

"Convict and Castrate Cheney!"

"9/11 was an inside job!"

"Re-elect Carter/Mondale (that's an intelligent strategy)"

"Impeach the Fourth Reich"

"From Baghdad to New Orleans: Capitalism Means Mass Murder
Socialist Revolution is the only solution. (And they get mad when we call them unpatriotic. Waaaa haaaa! snerf, sniff)"

"The Police Are the Real Terrorists!"

Well, gang...that was a real waste of time. All I can say is, Extreme Lefties, keep it up. You're enlightenment is showing yourselves to be the idiots that you really are. Your extreme lack of credibility removes you from any intelligent public discussion. You have become an angry, unhinged and dangerous rabble.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

An Envious Rage: The Roots Islamic Jihadism Against the U.S.

To The Point News: An Interview With Jack Wheeler

This is an excellent article meant to be read thoughtfully.

From my previous posts, I have stated that the issue at hand in the misnomer "War on Terror" is not that we are in a battle against terrorists, or terrorism; it is a supreme struggle against a deadly religious ideology that fueled by envy and rage, not only at us, but at their own. I cite Al Zarqawi's dedication to killing of Shiite Muslims, as he in fact IS DOING.

If we are to win this war, we MUST fight it not only with guns and bombs, but with a counter-ideology that is superior substantively; a philosophical realism that is Christian to the core. There is no other way to counter Islam...itself a Christian heresy. Relativism can't fight it; it is toothless and spineless. Hinduism, Taoism, Atheism, etc. have no ideological strength to counter the furiously unreasonable credo of Islam. The rampant envy appeasement on the Left will only allow for the theocratic government they blame Christians for promoting, only it will be Islamic (we know that the left has not been consistant with its condemnation of theocracies)

We, who are Christian, in the spirit of Francis of Assisi, must somehow, from the inside, bring revelation and new life to these tortured souls of the religion of "peace." Read the above article and let me know what you think.

Oh, and did I say to read the article?

Uh-oh! Now Mars Is Heating Up!

Mars Orbiter Spots Changes On Red Planet

"The planet may be undergoing a climate change, according to images that show a shrinking of carbon dioxide deposits near the south pole. For the last three Martian summers, the deposits have shrunk from the previous year."

Yup, our careless use of fossil fuels are now affecting Mars. Mars is heating up and frozen carbon dioxide, critical to the planet's non-ecosystem is jeopardized. With no atmosphere whatsover, having a thin layer of CO2 at the planet's surface may affect crater formation.

What are we to do? Obviously, our "green" lobbyists have even more ammunition to ban the use of all fossil fuels. Not only are these fuels destroying our global ecosystem, it has huge implications FOR OUR SOLAR SYSTEM.

That idiot Bush. If only he signed Kyoto...