Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Uh-Oh! Plame Outed by CIA?

NYTimes: Tenet Outs Plame?

My what a twist of fate! Could it be that Rove didn't out Plame at all? What's happening? The liberals "get Bush by whatever means you can drudge up" plan seems to be backfiring!

Gee, I wonder if Al Franken will support the execution of George Tenet?

Monday, October 24, 2005

Arabs Against Terror? Can't Be!

Muslim Academics Demand Stop to Terror Sheikhs

For those of you who didn't click the link, guess where I got this bit of news. Go ahead...not the NY Times, LA Times, or SanFrancisco Chronicle. Nope. Al-Jazeera. Now go ahead and click it.

Seems like Arab world opinion is starting to move in our favor. Now if we can get the American ultra left to go along, or even the Left leaning Media to print this stuff, I'd say, we're getting somewhere in this war against the Islamic Jihadists.

It's okay, NYTimes, it's safe. You can print this story now...your sister ship, AlJazeera, has led the way for you!

Really Funny Liberal Suggests Executions for Rove and Libby

Franken Proposes Executions on Letterman

Hey, all you liberals...Al Franken must be reading your blogs! Doesn't that make you feel special? He proposes something some of you have suggested...executions for government officials. He does have some misgivings about executing a sitting president, though. That's nice.

Some call it satire; I call it criminal. As to what mode of execution, we'll have to wait with baited breath; he's such a fount of good ideas! Can anyone say reign of terror?

Friday, October 14, 2005

Why Bush's Approval Ratings are Slipping

I have an hypothesis: The reason President Bush's approval ratings are slipping is because he is too liberal. How so, you ask? Look at what he's done through the lense of the left.

One, he spends money like a liberal, perhaps moreso, and is out of step with his conservative ilk who typically cut spending for social programs. Two, he's in a war with an agenda that he has failed to make clear, plus he remains in a combat situation that has no pull-out strategy, much like Clinton with Bosnia, Haiti, or Samalia. Three, he "lies" to the American public about all sorts of things, just like Clinton did during his scandals. Four, he subjects our national interests by appealing to the UN, just like Clinton. Five, he makes the same marketing appeal to us with his form of Christianity, just like Clinton did when, during the photo ops, he would swing his huge bible on the way to church. Six, he makes these scripted "town-hall" type gatherings with the troops, just like Clinton did with his "town-hall" gatherings around the country. The left knows this as political opportunism; they hate it in Bush, but applaud it with Clinton.

The fact is we know Bill Clinton IS a sleazeball, so his actions fit his person. He couldn't be labeled a despicable hypocrite; we expect him to play the part of the pondscum that he is. So Clinton could pull it off and absorb the attack against liberalism with his weak, immoral character. Bush, on the other hand, can't pull it off. He is awkward trying to act "Clintonesque;" his character can't absorb the liberalism and the people actually see the hypocrisy and brown-nosing. We want the tough, conservative Bush that we elected, not some pandering "new-tone" wimp who is trying to make everyone on the Beltway happy. Nothing irritates people more when you have a sycophantic leader trying to get people to like him. Bush is trying to do this, and the polls show it. In Bush, liberalism is as appealing as a naked Bella Abzug, and the left is blushing with embarrassment. They know a weak ideology when they create one.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I Prefer Shootings to Beheadings Any Day!

Al-Zawahiri: Beheadings are bad P.R.

The battle for Muslims' hearts and minds are at stake in this war on terror. Comforting to know that the the P.C. bug which has paralyzed our culture has bitten and infected the Arab culture too. Phew! I thought we were the only ones who thought about how to strategically soften our rhetoric to placate and pander to the envious. Seems like Al-Qaida's losing battle for the hearts and minds of Muslims is giving an opportunity for a re-think. Ultra Lefties, watch closely, you may another good reason for your support for these freedom fighters.

It's good to know that there is a majority of self-respecting Muslim who prefer shootings to beheadings. Makes me feel like Islam is not the sinister religion that the jihadists have illustrated it to be. I can handle much better an innocent man or woman getting shot on camera than getting his/her head sawn off.

You know, I'm starting to like these people! George Bush definitely needs to pull out of Iraq for sure, eh?

Al-Qaida has a strategy in Iraq? No! Can't be!

Al-Qaida's Strategic Vision in Iraq

An interesting read from the Washington Post! Osama bin-Laden has a terrorist strategy, and it includes Iraq. May be the press needs to drop its vendetta against the rule of "King George" and the continuous flow of tripe; this is a real find!

Imagine, Al-Qaida has a strategy. Gee, I wonder if it has anything to do with terror? I wonder if it has anything to do with the destruction of Israel and the United States? Gee, I wonder if it has anything to do with...Iraq?

Those of you with strong minds, read the following article:

Zahawiri's Letter: Iraq is the Center of the War on Terror

Just a thought: I wonder if Al-Qaida is encouraged by the sniveling from the spineless whining left? Let the ranting begin.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Word Verification? Stuck on Stupid!

As I travel the "Blogger" universe, I notice that most, if not all blogsites have the word verification step in posting comments. Is this an option that Blogger offers by default? Can you put it on, or take it off? I don't want to waste time finding out. But as I see it, the step is one for IDIOTS!

If I want to post a comment, I'm supposed to match the somewhat distorted letters in the box. To what end? To show that I can read distorted letters and use my type pad? I just used the stupid typepad to comment on a topic; what the blazes do I need to prove with this step...that I'm five points above imbecile? And if I get it wrong, what does that mean? I have to do it AGAIN, only with fewer and bigger letters so I get it right this time. AGGRAVATION! Maybe it is a weeding out process; imbeciles and morons need not comment, just idiots.

Folks, I always try to treat my blog guests with dignity and respect. I will not expect you to verify to me that you can read underwater letters and type them in the box. So I will not include this "fun" feature on my blogsite. If you have sound and creative thoughts to share, just post the comment and relax.

My request to my fellow bloggers...please take this useless word verification step off of your blogsites. It makes no logical sense. If it does, PUUUULEEEEEEEASSE enlighten me!