Friday, March 31, 2006

Iran's "Peaceful Use of Nuclear Fuel" Clarified Friday

Just to let you all know, this report confirms the lefts assertion that we bad Americans are wrongfully characterizing Iran as a warmongering state. Read this and you'll be "assured" as I am:

Iran Test Fires 'Radar Proof' Missle

Apparently, this missle can evade radars and hit several places at once, which means they are going to continue to use uranium enrichment for nuclear power plants only. Just because they test fire a missle doesn't mean they have intentions for any offensive use. They have a right to protect themselves too, right?

Your thoughts on the non-intentional test-firing of this missle?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

For Those Who Don't Hate Bush, More Evidence...For Bush Haters...more nails for your "Bush lied" coffins!

Hello, blog pals! More news about the Saddam/terrorist connection (notice I did NOT say 9/11) that comes from a Democrat this time! Woohoo!

Saddam Hussein Collaborated With Terrorists New Documents Show

And .001% of the world protested against the Iraq War as a sham! Well, I wonder what else we'll find out there!

Comment to your hearts content! I'm working on some dreaded term papers. Yawn.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Mainstream Media (MSM) At Its Best

On the brink of the 3rd year anniversary of the Iraq War, we had visions of 1968 Vietnam protests occuring all over the United States. What did we end up having?

Quiet disapproval in US marks war’s anniversary

This is called an argument from silence fallacy. You use the lack of evidence to prove your point. So, the lack of protest shows just how deep seated is the anger and frustration over George Bush and his war! Why? Ah, yes, the polls, the media's report card.

So how does an "objective newsgathering person" without any agenda look at these events? Just look at the AP; they didn't disappoint! This story was spread all over the globe, just like the massive protests:

War Opponents Protest Around the Globe

If we take a quote from the article and parse it logically, what will we have:

"(AP) The third anniversary of the U.S.-led war in Iraq drew tens of thousands of protesters around the globe, from hurricane-ravaged Louisiana to Australia, with chants of "Stop the War" and calls for the withdrawal of troops."

Okay, tens of thousands "around the globe" protested. This is like really, really big!

However, before we let our emotions dictate our view of reality, let's look at reality with the lens of logic, specifically logical induction. Induction always moves from particulars (evidence, facts etc.) to a generalization: the whole world is against George Bush. This is what one citizen from Japan said:

"The Iraq war was President Bush's big mistake and the whole world is against him," said organizer Ayako Nishimura. "Iraq must decide its own affairs."

So, let's do a tally and see if the generalization is supported by the facts. On the anniversary day, aw heck, let's figure in the weekend too:

New York: 200 people, then 1000 on Saturday in Times Square, 1,200.
Tokyo, Japan: 800, but there were 2000 the day before, to get us warmed up, so the total is 2800.
Toronto: 1000 people
London, England: 15,000 people, (down 2/3 from last year)
Chicago, Ill USA: 7,000 people on Saturday.
Chalmette National Cemetery : 200, who also protested Katrina (isn't this cheating, I'll count it anyway, they need all the numbers they can get)
Boston, Portland, San Fransisco: unknown

Plus, other numbers not in the AP (I'm too nice)

Hollowwood CA: 1,000 actor-people (each actor counts for 3 people each since they're so much smarter than the rest of us) 3000 total.
Point Pleasant, MI: 90 people
Cindy Sheehan Land: 1 person.

What's the total? 28,291 people.

Now, if the population of the world is 8.2 billion, and there are over 1.2 billion Muslims, that leaves 7 billion non-Muslims in the world. I know this is a leap, but since the Muslim world celebrated 9/11, I'm taking a huge risk by saying that they don't like the War In Iraq, so they probably protested too. So, I'll have to include them in the numbers of potential protestors. With 28,291 people protesting, the percentage of protestors will be:

.0003453% !!!! .003453% of the entire population of the globe protested against the Iraq War! That's like 3.453 people for every million that voiced their HUGE displeasure against George Bush's war!

Oh, like wow, man! I am like you know, like really stunned, man! That many people protested against George Bush's War in Iraq? Impeach him, man! Impeach him! Impeach him!

I know I'm being snarky, but can you see how rhetoric completely ignores the actual probabilities of this induction, the almost hilarious lack of support for the conclusion?

To assure you that I have an open mind, if you have any other numbers, please let me know so I can amend the stats and come up with a more accurate result. Please include Iraq too. They should have the greatest say in all of this! You may include numbers from the entire weekend, and other protest themes: Katrina, the economy, lack of affordable health care, lack of jobs, lack of clean needles, lack of condoms, lack of education dollars, gay and lesbian rights violations, lack of beastiality rights, etc. (I know I'm pushing buttons, here, but I can't help it, I want to get these numbers as high as we can.)

Monday, March 20, 2006

More "Bad" News

I know all you get these days is bad news and it's tiring. But that's the way life is, folks. And now, there's bad news for the liberal "impeach Bush" movement. Troop casualties are way down in March of 2006, to the second lowest since the Iraq War began. Read it for yourself if you can stomach Newsmax:

March Casualties Second Lowest in 3 Years!

Of course, one who hates Bush can only hope since there's still eleven days left in March. Maybe there'll be string of IED's that will up the numbers and give you hope.

However, for the rest of us...HOORAY! Good news!!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Look What I Found!

Well, folks, here at the Underground Logician it's spring cleaning! The cave is getting a complete going over! I'm finding all sorts of things, tapes and CD's without their cases, old pens, a debit card receipt dating to August of 2003, a rawhide dog bone my dog Cassie hid under my shelves, and a strange little box, with leather hinges. Very heavy and very old. I'm wondering if it's an artifact from the time of Socrates! It certainly is a treasure box and my thought is to use it as such.

My thought is to take suggestions from you folks of topics of things that really matter to people. I know that from time to time, I get burnt out from political news; the rhetoric is exhausting. I want to know what things matter most to you. What topics would you like to see on this site that can be discussed using the principles of logic? You'd be surprised as to how practical logic can be in problem solving!

So, here's your chance to give the UL a piece of your valuable mind! I will continue to put things up I think are of value to us all, however, I know you have this capacity as well. Let me know what you think! I'll put your mental treasures in my new found box and use them from time to time when I am at a loss as to what to comment on.

Thanks for your input and happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

For Those of You Who "Support" our Troops...

Short and sweet, this is a letter given to Laura Ingraham by Dave Rockwell, who is currently deployed in Iraq. If you support our troops, please take to heart what this 60 year-old warrior has to say.

Open Letter to Representative Murtha from Dave Rockwell

It's easy to put a "yellow ribbon" sticker on the back of your SUV. It's another thing to stand up and counter the "patriotic dissent" from those who don't see the effects of their "dissent." Thanks, "Rocky," here at the UL's cave, we're with you 1000%.

Impeachment Agenda of Democrats

Wisconsin's own Senator Russ Feingold has tipped the Democrats hand as to what they will do if they gain power in the House or Senate in this fall's election. For more on this, read the WSJ editorial:

The Impeachment Agenda

Don't think the Democrats are through with the impeachment topic. The past five years of allegations piled on allegations will come to the fore if the Democrats win the majority. Their "Bush Deranged Syndrome" is an overwhelming mental disorder that is sure to surface again and again. With each BDS event, the symptoms become more acute.

So Mr. Feingold has done us all a favor to the chagrin of fellow Democrats. What can you expect from those who have a mental disorder? A reasonable course of action? He shows us what the Democratic intentions are. I say, let's bring on the debate now. Let's flush 'em out; put them on record and show the American people what life is like in the "BDS zone."

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Is the Underground Logician a Homophobe?

Someone in blogland has labeled me as a homophobe. In my estimation, he neither knows me nor the Christian view toward homosexuality. He see in me particularly, or in Christianity generally, a hatred of homosexuals.

So, I am willing to discuss this openly, without rage or uncontroled passion. And, if we are to have this discussion, we need to follow a reasonable course. Making an impassioned declaration is not a proof.

Here's how we'll begin. I have below a definition of homophobia, to which we can agree or alter it so that we have an agreed upon definition. Then we'll move to the argument phase, where I, in my niceness, have laid out three arguments that if the premises are true, will prove that I am a homophobe.

Let's begin with the definition according to

Homophobia: Fear or contempt of lesbian and gay men. Behavior based on such a feeling.

If you look at my blogsite, you will see my open contempt towards Hollowwood for their promotion of homosexuality and lesbianism. As a Christian, historian and observer of culture, I literally despise our culture's wholesale acceptance of homosexuality into the mainstream as well as other disorders. I did NOT say homosexuals, but homosexuality. It is an abominable practice according to my faith. You could say I hate homosexuality because it is a sin, with the same abhorrence as beastiality, fornication, child porn, blasphemy, murder and hatred, lying, coveting, dishonoring parents, idolatry, etc. It's a pure contempt for actions and a lifestyle that attacks and destroys the moral fiber of our society. It is THE MAIN CONTRIBUTOR to the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church since homosexuality has been promoted as mainstream in many of our Catholic seminaries. So according to the conventional definition above, I do not hate lesbian or gay men, however I hate homosexuality as a sin.

Since I've made myself clear, pick one of the arguments below, or try all three. If you can prove the premises to be true and if the terms are clear and unambiguous (you can't equivocate), then the conclusions must be true. Here they are:

1) All hatred of homsexuality is towards homosexual people.
Sam's attitude is hatred of homosexuality.

Therefore, Sam's attitude of hatred is towards homosexual people.

Burden of proof: Prove that hatred of homosexuality is towards homosexual people.

2) All hatred of homosexuality is bad
Sam's hatred is hatred of homosexuality.
Therefore, Sam's hatred is bad.

Burden of proof: hatred of homosexuality is bad.

3) All natural human actions are good.
Homosexuality is a natural human action.
Therefore, homosexuality is good.

Burden of proof: Homosexuality is a natural human action.

If you have another argument, fine. However, it needs to be valid, with clear terms and true premises. No direct personal attacks or other fallacies will apply be accepted since they can never prove anything true. I will trash any statements that personally attack. I too, will follow the Common Master as will you. Are any of you game, especially those of you from England?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Tired of the News? Try a Logic Quiz!

Hey, it's time to test your reasoning skills. The first exercise concerns hypothetical syllogisms. You may want to check out the logic tutorials to help you out. HAVE FUN!

I. Tell me if the following hypothetical syllogism is valid or invalid (does the argument work), and if the conclusion (#3) is true, false or uncertain. Why?

1. If Bush lied about WMD's being in Iraq, then no WMD's will be found in Iraq.
2. No WMD's were found in Iraq.
3. Therefore, Bush lied about WMD's in Iraq.

(hint: there are two ways to have a valid hypothetical syllogism: One, the causal connectionis #1 is true, and in #2: Affirm the __________, or deny the _________.) Stumped?

II. What fallacy is being used in the following argument and why doesn't the fallacy work?

1. At least 25 people mysteriously died because of their ties to Bill Clinton.
2. There's no proof to the contrary that they died of natural causes.
3. Therefore, these deaths are tied to Bill Clinton.

No matter what political stripe you wear, using this fallacy is not a proof.

III. Here's another one. It's tricky! Tell me if the argument is valid (does the argument actually prove the conclusion), and two, is the conclusion true, not true, or uncertain. Why?

1. All terrorist organizations kill innocent people.
2. The U.S. military kills innocent people.
3. Therefore, U.S. military is a terrorist organization.

IV. Finally, what fallacy is in this enthymeme (extra credit: can you state the missing premise):

1. 68% of Americans think President Bush is doing a poor job overall.
2. Therefore, President Bush is doing a poor job overall.

Good luck!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I can hardly wait!

In the "I can hardly wait for it to come out" category, a BBC documentary is coming soon. Read about it here:

Time-warp Family

Scientists are going to study why this mentally retarded family crawls on all fours, all the time. This will be done within the scope of evolution, which always thrills this logician beyond words. I'm sure it's more of an example of devolution. If man can go backwards in development, then it must mean he can go forward also.

Well...that's a no brainer. Look what the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences chose for best "Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (original song): "It's Hard Out Here For a Pimp." Now THAT'S devolution. Why don't scientists study that?

I don't think I'm alone in my disdain in this. The Washington Post has an article below with some of the outrage in the black community because of this Oscar choice. Al Sharpton ROCKS on this point as well!

Oscar Winner Hits Angry Chord

Well, maybe for entertainment (laughing at the scientists), I'll watch the quadriped family to see what kind of brainless science is involved. I feel sorry for the family; this is an example of exploitation of innocent people for a "time-warped" ideology.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

I Just Gotta...Green Cars at the Oscars!

I knew it. I was going to put this in my previous post, but I didn't want to ruin it. However, it's true: Hollowwood actors are better environmentalists than we are. Susan Serrandon did it a few years ago, now a whole slew of 'em are arriving in "Green Cars." See below:

Green Cars, Red Carpet

Yup, this is why they are my heroes. And you watch, in five years, these "Green Heroes" will be using the technology recently discovered in Japan:

Japan Finds Fuel Source in Cattle Dung

I can see it now, can't you, my fellow gas guzzlers. Hollowwood actors using cars powered by BS. Now, that's a GREAT invention!

Friday, March 03, 2006

In Case You Miss the Oscars...

This is my last post on the brainless Oscar event, an event this Sunday that will most assuredly thrill about 32 people here in good 'ole Oshkosh, Wisconsin (pop. 61,000). Fortunately, if you miss the event, allow me to let you in on what will happen.

Host: Jon Stewart, smarty-pants comedian whose razor-sharp wit who will I'm sure exceed anything Whoopie Goldberg attempted, though he will never rise to the level of Billy Crystal and Jack Palance doing the one-armed pushups ( a classic, in my opinion).

The jokes: Will vary from the foibles of the Bush Admin. during Katrina, to the failures of the Bush admin. during Katrina. No jokes about the troops in Iraq, but there will be jokes about the failures of the Bush admin. in Iraq. A few jabs at Hillary, only because she WILL be Hollowwood's next president, even if the rest of the country votes for McCaine. And of course, jabs at gay movies, only because they are so hip and it's so like really, really, really cool now to be gay.


Men: Black tux (Metrosexual look preferred)

Ladies: The strangest, most sheer dress that a bisexual dress designer could make and not blush (they don't blush, by the way) that barely drapes the body so that when female star waves, a boob pops out and "shocks" the media. No worries, that's why the media and fans are there in the first place. And besides, "Entertainment Tonight" and others in the media "boob patrol" will make sure that billions of people who had happened to miss the gala event will see the female star in "all her glory."

The Acceptance Speech Formulas required: The PC police, who monitor all speeches given by Hollowwood stars and report "concerns" to Hollowwood producers and the SAG, have a formula for acceptance speeches in order to keep each of them under 32 minutes. It is as follows:

1. ALWAYS thank the Academy of Arts and Sciences...ALWAYS.

2. Thank the producer ____________ for the COURAGE and COMPASSION to push the envelope in a controversial issue that needs to be addressed here in America, especially the clueless heart-land, due to the blind stupidity of conservatives who have enslaved the free artistic spirit of all Americans of every race, creed, SEXUAL and even GENITAL PREFERENCE, who in like lemming-like fashion, follow the worst president in the history of mankind, George W. Bush, and his oppressive regime in the Whitehouse.

3. Thank all who worked on the "project" (don't you dare say mindless entertainment), especially __________ who selflessly pushed you beyond yourself to enter into pup tent and fake orgasms, to see life from the viewpoint of one who is disenfranchised, and to understand the plight of the (victims of Katrina, marginalized gays, lesbians, trans-sexuals, metrosexuals, uber-bisexuals, men who like boys, men who like horses, men who like sheep, men who like goats, etc) ... who daily suffer the inhumanity and discrimination flaunted so shamelessly from the oppressive Bush regime in the Whitehouse.

4. Thank Mom; Dad is optional (knock your Dad in public with a joke is even better).

5. Say hi to your live in lover (score huge points if it is a same sex partner)

6. Double check to make sure you did #1.

7. Dedicate your award (not the swag) to the (victims of Katrina, marginalized gays, lesbians, trans-sexuals, metro-sexuals, uber-bisexuals, men who like boys, men who like horses, men who like sheep, men who like goats, etc.) that don't have a voice in our culture, dominated by the oppressive Bush regime in the Whitehouse.

8. Political statement (please keep it under 500 words) on the order of hoping that the movie will open the eyes of Americans to the plight of (the victims of Katrina, gays, lesbians, trans-sexuals, metro-sexuals, uer-bisexuals, men who like boys, men who like horses, men who like sheep, men who like goats, etc) and allow COURAGE and COMPASSION to awaken a new and glorious America that has been lulled asleep by the ultra-right-wing mantras of the oppressive Bush regime in the Whitehouse.

9. Make your exit and wave (if female, watch out so that your boob doesn't pop out again.)

What to bring: A huge but "subtle" handbag (13 cubic feet capacity) to carry the swag.

Thank you for letting me rant, folks! Sometimes when I get in these funks from all the paragons of stupidity "enlightening" us in the media, it's good just to "let 'er rip!"

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Oscar Predictions (who cares)

It's that time again, when a very small percentage of Americans really, really care about what happens in Hollowwood...the percentage that LIVE in Hollowwood for that matter. Maybe the screaming, rabid fans along the red carpet at the Kodak Theatre, to be exact. For the rest of us...yawn.

However, for the sake of blogging something this late at night while trying to compose an outline for a term paper, I thought I'd try my hand at predictions. The three principles I will use is: "Being gay is like really, really, REALLY cool," "Spread the love (gay or straight, gay preferred) around so that everyone feels good," and "Don't be so obvious to let on you have a gay agenda."

So, of the two gay movies, Capote (a death penalty movie with a gay guy in it) and Brokeback Mountain (two gay cowboys), the Oscar will go to "Capote." However, Heath Ledger will get best actor for his bit in the pup tent, and Chinese person Ang Lee will get best director who directed it, which will show that Hollowwood isn't racist, even though "Crash" should have gotten some recognition from the "whities" at the Academy. BrokeBack will get the best musical "score" and best cinematography (artistic shots of the puptent). Unfortunately, Mr. Guyenhaal will not best supporting actor (that would be too obvious), besides, gay men cannot be known for that poutie-lip thing. Causes too much confusion for us straights. Angelina Jolie does a great poutie lip thing. Mr. Clooney will win, since he's a hetero-hunk.

Best actress will be Felicity Huffman in "Transamerica", the gripping story and personal triumph of a trans-sexual. Now it's sorta gay, but not really. It's a man trapped in a woman's body. Wait a minute, or was it the other way around? Uh, someone was cursed by God and got trapped in this body that had a penis, or should have had a penis. Whatever, but with a little surgery (snip, snip) and compassion (hug, hug) and acceptance (you're a people too), now it's all better. Anyway, it's a story of compassion; something we could all use more of. Right?

"Good Night and Good Luck" will get best original screenplay that will throw off those who think the Academy is uber-pro-gay. and that it STILL can land a final shot towards Mr. McCarthy, even though he's dead.

For the religion catagory, Hollowwood will honor "War of the Worlds" with best sound mix to honor the smart as a psychiatrist actor and Scientologist Tom Cruse. By the way, did he and Katie break up? I wonder if it is because since he's as smart as a gynocologist now? Maybe he tried to convince Katie that she should let him be the doctor in charge and get her to do the birth thing drug, uh, for her.

Moving on. The only movie I really care about is the Best Animated Feature going to "Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

So...does anyone want to throw in their picks? Let's make it a contest.

If I lose, I will not care in the least...except for Wallace and Gromit.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fear and Imbalance

I am tired of media. Period. I am tired of the games talking heads play. I am tired of their agenda to "make a difference" in my life. I am tired of the sophistication. Tired...ever so tired. The "straw that broke the camel's back" was Fox's "Fear and Imbalanced" report of the alleged "ricen" that turned out to be detergent on a role of quarters. They spent several hours pre-hashing, hashing, post-hashing, over-hashing, underhashing the subject until meekly it turned into soap. A close second is their two-hour exclusive of the mountain lion in California loose in a neighborhood. Sadly, this is a microcosm of life in the American media.

Turn to the issue of "THE GREAT CIVIL WAR" in Iraq. Another sigh. Are we all this stupid? Are we all so susceptible to fear tactics that we justify this continuous flow of mind numbing blather? The MSM must think so, because it keeps coming and coming and liquid waste from hog farms.

In particular, this collective stupidity our nation suffers allows for the most unique forms of fallacies to appear; Victor Davis Hansen identifies this in his article below:

At War With Ourselves

How do we get to such a state of affairs where the better we are doing in Iraq, the worse we are doing at home ? (Please, my temper is the article before you disagree with me. I may give a pop quiz) I'm going to posit a theory of why we are so schitzoid...24 HOURS OF NON-STOP OF "FEAR AND IMBALANCE" NEWS to a NAIVE and GULLIBLE PUBLIC.

What can be done, folks? (Yeah, I'm down.)