Tuesday, January 27, 2009

China's Currency Policy Major Cause of Economic Fallout

An interesting article in the Washington Post by Sebastian Mallaby that sheds light on another major factor that created our economic downturn. In fact, it's been brewing for over a decade. Check it out and let me know what you think.

From everyone here in the Cave, thank you for being patient with me concerning my blog-lessness these past few months. I've been busy finishing my Masters Degree, which is finally finished. Now I am super smart!!! Also, and probably the greater reason, I get into funks where it seems so futile to give Reason a place in our public discourse. And yet, Reason does get its "two cents" in, whether it is in actual discourse, or in reflection on the consequences of actions taken.

It will be interesting to see what kind of political climate takes shape with an Obama Presidency. Interesting meaning, what consequences we will see from the incredible promises made by the President, whether the euphoria will be sustained by Mr. Obama's performance, and whether the extreme disrespect given to Mr. Bush will be hurled on Mr. Obama. Time will tell...

Meanwhile, I am going to do what I can to make my life meaningful, fruitful and hopefully profitable, no matter what our Government does. Big Government from a "compassionate Conservative" or a "Messianic-community Organizer", as intrusive as both are, will not stop me from living out the purpose of my life. My hope is that you are likewise inspired. Pax!