Friday, February 24, 2006

On Giving Birth to Cows and Chickens...

I've been a bit out of the news loop of late, busy at it studying in my "cave." So, hopefully you'll allow me some space as I try to grapple with "Port-gate" and the enormous emotional reaction to it. However, since crawling out of my underground hideaway, I am amazed at the emotional frenzy! Cows and chickens are roaming the streets making a huge mess since being birthed by human beings these past few days.

Grant it, when I first heard that the management of six U.S. ports was being subcontracted to the UAE, my first emotional reaction was a 110 decibal "WHAT!!!!!?" However, after taking some time to gather myself (that took quite an exersion of will!), I wanted to know more of the facts. I wanted to know why the president insisted he would veto any legislation to block the deal. Seemed odd. In addition, and more importantly, I wanted to know why former President Carter and former Secretary of State Madeline Albreight would support it as well. Now we are talking "Twilight Zone" here. Doesn't THAT seem wierd? Is this some "Trilateral Commission" conspiracy or something? Are there "black helicopters" flying around our ports now?

After allowing my blood to flow back into the logic centers of my genuis quality brain (funny), I discovered that there are a few port management companies in the world, some who currently manage our west coast ports (Hongkong) and East Coast (Britain), I was a bit surprised. I thought (naively, of course) that we manage our own ports. This is not only the case with our ports, but with many ports in countries around the world.

Since we live in a post 9/11 world, it seems fair to make sure that our vulnerable points of entry are guarded against terrorist attack. So the emotional response to this news is quite understandable. But, let's not act like surrogate parents of farm animals! Okay? Let's let reason prevail and let the facts and logic see our way through the risks that are involved.

NRO: Symposium on Port Security

Krauthammer: A Dubai Finesse

I've included a couple of articles that give some context to this whole affair, and ask that you join me in taking a level headed approach to all this. Logic must prevail even though emotions are a sure indicator that something might be wrong, especially if Carter and Albreight support it! (Just kidding!!) I'm not going to expound upon the hypocritical and frenzied responses of the far left. I have to save my little gray cells for important stuff, like mid-term papers and exams. Let me invite you to read two articles that have been helpful and if you find information, feel free to include it in the comment section.

Let's use our minds and get the answers we need; our emotions indicate something wierd may be happening here. A thirty day period to investigate this situation and to calm ourselves down is more than reasonable, Mr. President. And if it is such a great deal, we need to know what are the safeguards that will be in place. And even more to the point, at ANY vulnerable entry point to our country (say the BORDERS), to know what safeguards are in place. As for the rest of us, let's leave animal parenthood to what nature the mamma cows and chickens.

Monday, February 20, 2006

When Your World Comes Crashing Down...

I just learned that a precious little girl has contracted thyroid cancer and it's breaking my heart. Not that I'm without faith, for I know my Redeemer lives and can heal this precious one. Yet, it's not necessarily a given that the Lord will heal her, since his ways are not our ways. We place the ones we love in His hands and ask Him for help with childlike faith. We know that he knows what is best.

Would you help out here? Remember to pray for her, as you can and get the word out for others to do so as well. Let's pray for a happy ending, shall we? And with that, that the family is supported and encouraged during these very dark days.

Thank you.


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Actor Richard Drefus: The New "Mr. Smith"

Impeach Bush Says Actor

For a great piece of illogic, another "Mr. Smith," Richard Drefus, from Hollowwood shares his enlightened viewpoint. Note in his diatribe the role of electronic media as fomenting a "reflexive" response of hate towards our attackers. Isn't this rich? In times past, news didn't travel as fast as nowadays. One could use the slow-moving hate filled response, which lasted longer, to organize and implement the war machine. A slower media means a longer duration of hate. Now, with such lightening speed media, it is difficult to maintain the hate.

So Drefus' main premise is our war on terror is inspired by hate. Is this a true premise? Is there a roll for hatred? Analyze this and tell me what you think.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bad News for Democrats

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but it looks like Harry Whittington, the victim of an old geezer with a gun Dick Cheney and the NRA who supports old geezers to have guns, will fully recover from the injuries suffered from his attacker.

The gleeful prospect of Whittington dying which would put the Vice President in deep legal trouble was only a fleeting hope for those who have been grasping for any scandal to bring down the Bush administration. Maybe President Bush himself will go hunting and shoot a dissenter of his own. Knowing Bush, he'll learn by Cheney's mistakes and take his "friends" fishing instead. One can only hope.

Meanwhile, tapes that showed Saddam Hussein discussing means to bring WMD's to America and methods to deploy them still remain a non-issue in the Main Stream Media. More on this lack of development later...if I can find the information.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Islamic Fundamentalists Are Wimps

Islamic fundamentalists are wimps; they're WOOSIES! Plain and simple.

They can't take criticism. In addition, they cannot compete in the world of ideas. When someone mocks their violent tendencies, what do they do? They become violent! They kill people; they burn down embassies; they Islamic fundamentalists! Big surprise. If it wasn't so tragic it would be hilarious. But, I'm not laughing. They are goaded by a sick and dangerous religious ideology.

There are those who say that we should exercise restraint, given their violent tendencies. I ask why. Why should we restrain ourselves from challenging their violent ideology? In the world of ideas, why should they be exempt from worldwide scrutiny? This is no time for us to wimp-out either.

Look at the Catholic Church's naysayers. They STILL blame us for the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, and burning Protestants at the stake. They depict priests as sex-crazed pedophiles; they see Catholics in particular and Christians in general as right wing idiots; and characterize Jesus Christ as some Woodstock reject who "understands." Hollywood makes hay on this acceptable bigotry; newspapers assume this bigotry to be true. We Christians have to live with the fact that some of the criticism is deserved; most is not. And yet, we realize that they have the freedom to say whatever they want. We may not promote the advertisers who sanction this tripe, and we continuously speak out against it and call it what it is. But we don't burn flags or effigies of Hillary Clinton, Michael Moore or Louis Farrakan. We don't create riots, kill innocents and burn down embassies.

Face it, Islamo-fascists, you're nothing but wimps.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Democratic Political Funeral Rallies

I don't know why, folks, but "Blogger" has been wierd. I've made a couple of posts and I lost them both, including any comments you may have made. I'm looking into it, but so far, I'm at a loss to know.

As to what's happening in the news, I'm a bit stunned about the happenings at the "Corretta Scott-King Democratic Funeral Rally." I think Bush is a class act. As to Jesse, Al, Ted, et al, they are very small people. I was hoping that it wouldn't turn into a "Senator Paul Wellstone Democratic Funeral Rally," but, I was foolish to think that it could be otherwise.

The Bush hatred becomes more clear as time goes on.