Monday, January 23, 2006

It That Gastroscopy Time Again...Yuck!

Well my fans and foes (smile), I've been a bit busy with Graduate School starting up again, so it's been a challenge to get into blogging of late. Also, I have a wonderful procedure today which will wipe me out for a while call the Gastroscopy, where they send a scope down my esophagus to view my hiatal valve and look for ulcers and such inside my stomach. I wonder if they'll find any grafitti down there?

So for the time being, I'll be out of it. Anyway, I haven't been following the news much on radio or TV; I'm extremely bored with it. And, for that matter, the Sophistry hasn't changed at all. As a matter of fact, Sophistry hasn't changed in over 2500 years.

Well, time for my gag fest. See you in a couple of days. One thing I will be watching is this Iran thing. I'm very concerned. What do you all think?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"Registered Republican" Lobbyist May Have Bribed Two Democrats

Abramoff probe focuses on 5 lawmakers

Well, looks like "registered republican" lobbyist Jack Abramoff who only focuses on Republicans "because they're the only ones who have positions of power" has pled guilty and accordingly, five lawmakers, three Republicans and two powerless Democrats are in the first tier of the probe. The two Dems, Harry Reid, and Byron Dorgan are in the cross-hairs of this "Republican Scandal."

How can this be? Are the Republicans corrupting the Democrats now too? And Harry said this was a Republican Scandal. He's such a kidder.

More to come, I'm sure. I can hardly wait. Be still my heart.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Does Anyone Care Anymore?

Saddam's Terrorist Training Camps

I thought that in case anyone cares about the reasons we went into war with Iraq, this article in the Weekly Standard might give you some needed information. Since true journalism is as common as the Northern Spotted-Owl, thought you'd like to see something like what we were used to back thirty to forty years ago.

Journalism now is the attempt to sway idiotic Americans to think clearly so that they can elect Democrats in the next round of elections. To hell with the soldiers in Iraq; saying we support them is enough. They're stupid enough to maintain their morale with these empty words.

Yes, I'm a bit down. I'm quickly losing faith in the ability of the American people to resist the constant onslaught of sophisticated BS.

"The Book of Daniel" and the loss of the Sacred

I hope your Christmas, Epiphany, and New Year's holidays were enjoyable. Mine were very much so!

Now to the subject at hand. I took the time to watch "The Book of Daniel" on NBC last night. I watched both episodes in order to form a judgement for myself. I understood what the American Family Association, Focus on the Family, etc. felt about the programming, but I didn't want to hold to their second hand opinion. I needed to see it and form my own opinion. Below are just a few of my thoughts off the cuff. So here's my main one sees the world, so one sees Jesus.

It would be rare to find such a disfunctional situation represented in the Webster household. It was way over the top disfuntional. Besides having both sides of homosexualism in full regalia, I see a huge lack of anything sacred other than the primacy of the individual. This is supported mainly by the Jesus character, who is less concerned about the antics and "sins" of the children than their formation into adulthood, their "finding" themselves. Case in point, the adopted son is going to his girlfriend's house for a little nookie and the Dad expresses his concern about him and where he'll end up. Jesus gives "precious consolation" that Dad shouldn't worry, "he's just a boy." Jesus lack of concern for the life choices of any of the family members other than their freedom to develop shows that the Jesus of the scriptwriter is permissive and without any judgement, except when it comes to being judgmental.

This concern to keep from judging behavior as right or wrong is hallmark of the relativism that prevails in our culture. Hence, to preserve this as a plausible viewpoint, just re-invent Jesus to support your belief. This show is a prime example of this type of re-invention, which shouldn't be a shock to anyone who understands the spirit of Hollywood. The sad thing I found myself thinking about is that many people think that Christianity, Christ, even life itself is similar to what "The Book of Daniel" depicts. We are a culture that has lost the sense of the sacred for we do not know the true and sacred Jesus. Christians, let's not just protest this act of NBC, let's do our best to be witnesses of the real Jesus. Let the "Lion" out of the cage and let Him do his work. Let's restore the sense of the sacred.

My next post: "Are we living in the New Dark Ages?