Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ah...Good News from Iraq!

I don't have a lot of time to blog, but here are a few stories that may not have hit the MSM radar screen. I think they're interesting pieces; certainly good for discussion!

U.S., Iraq forces kill hundreds of insurgents

In case you haven't heard this, we have had a successful battle in Najaf. I wonder how many more stories we have missed.

Al Sadr Looking for a deal

Could this be a result of the proposed troop surge, or have the previous unreported victories by our fine men in women in uniform frustrating the cleric?

History teaches insurgencies rarely win

You'd think from the gloom and doom reporting that the Iraq insurgency is a plan that is for certain going to defeat the United States military. I don't think so, however, the negativity is wearing out the information consumer. Think of it, what sacrifice are most of us offering in this war on terror? I know a minority of families mourn the precious lives lost in this campaign. But, what is making the average American tired. Negative imagery on the screen?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

In Case You have been Bored...

Hey all! Got some good things to ponder in this weird, wacky and sophisticated world we live in. Hat tip to Laura Ingraham for these little goodies...

Victor Davis Hansen: Compare the rhetoric of Islamists who hide their loved ones...where? Read Anti-Americanism: Rhetoric vs. Reality

Need Demonstrators? Rent them!

For "24" Fans: Read here about Muslims protesting how they are being portrayed on this television program.

Nothing like a little reality to spice up all the (yawn) bland rhetoric.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Muses of History Smile Once Again...

Rich Lowry from National Review sums up well, the events surrounding Gerald Ford's death and funeral.

The Light of History Shines on Ford

While we live submerged in a culture of media panic, the events surrounding President Ford's death and funeral stand as a gentle reminder that what is screamed from the coasts as so vital to our daily lives really pales in significance in the long run. Such is the case illustrated in the life and legacy of Gerald Ford, who in the 70's was repudiated for pardoning Richard M. Nixon, for being Nixon's lackie, and was mocked as a clumsy former "jock" who was dangerous to golf with. Thirty years later, his presidency is seen as instrumental for the healing of our nation. Nixon's pardon is now seen a courageous sacrificial act; a selfless political position that ultimately cost him the presidency in 1976.

The way in which he was lauded last week, by all who covered him, shows me how much the push for political power permiates everything we hear. Let's remember this, and dial down the hype our media projects onto us. Let cool and (might I say) reasonable thinking prevail.